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Let’s Find You New Readers That Turn Into Paying Customers

The sole purpose of a business’s blog is to attract readers that then turn into paying customers. Paying customers – that’s what we all want, and I can help you get them.

I will create blog content for you that will make you money. That’s my specialty, so to speak. Creating content that converts requires you to understand where in the sale cycle your readers are currently at, which is an essential part of what I do.

I also:

  • Pitch post topic ideas based on your goals.
  • Thoroughly research every topic that I write about.
  • Come up with creative and attention grabbing titles (also optimized for social media).
  • Search engine optimize my posts in a natural way. Don’t worry, no keyword stuffing here. I mean, what year is this?!
  • Pay an editor to proofread everything I write to eliminate every possible error.
  • Optimize already existing content for search engines, readability and driving conversions.
  • Promote bylined posts on my website/social media.
  • Hit every deadline. If I will not be able to deliver on time, I won’t take on the job. It’s that simple.
  • Manage dozens of websites and know my way around WordPress, HTML & CSS (if needed).

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Now, to be honest with you, all of this doesn’t come cheap. But it’s also not as expensive as you might be thinking right now. And prices vary, of course, depending on post word count.

My Rates:

$100-$250 Per Post*

*All new clients have the option to opt-out in case they don’t like what I deliver. No risk involved.

and in rare cases even beyond, for exceptionally long articles or topics that require super intense research.

If that sounds good to you and you are serious about your content marketing goals, just reach out to me. I’ll be there!

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